Loose Diamonds Dallas

The availability of loose diamonds Dallas and Fort-Worth, Texas, these days is bigger in quality and selection than it used to be 20 years ago. In the past, customers were ground to  the retailer’s inventory. Today, the diamonds consumers are more savvier and there for the diamond industry had to change. In Dallas, TX we have seen the loose diamonds consumers become more knowledgeable  about diamonds and what it would mean to buy loose diamond.

Due to the growing interest in loose diamonds, shapes that weren’t carried in retail shops as regular inventory,  like The radiant cut, asscher cut and the cushion cut diamonds, are having a greater interest than 20 years ago. We are confident that the information on the internet had much to do with it. Regardless, the consumers has raised their expectations to retailers stores and the wholesale jewelers. Sadly, retailers appear to be behind to the requirement that costumers  are looking for. Here in Dallas, TX, we in the diamond industry  have to be set  with ten different diamonds  shapes: Round cut, Princess cut, Cushion cut, Emerald cut, Asscher cut, Radiant cut, Oval cut, Pear shape cut, Marquise cut and Heart shape cut. The fascination of searching  ,over many loose diamonds is astonishing and more useful in the choosing process than having the diamonds mounted. When a diamond is set in a mounting, it isn’t possible to grade it accurately. The setting can influence the diamonds color and it may obscure inclusions that will correctly identify the grade it has been given with. Distinguished diamond certification companies in Dallas, will not grade a diamond unless it is loose diamond. Most retailers in Dallas will have in house inventory only mounted diamonds that were picked from a presorted selection. Unfortunately too few diamond consumers will discover the luxury of being able to select their own diamonds. Perhaps it sounds too difficult then  actually is. As a wholesale jeweler store, we can assure you it is not! In fact, it is much easier. You can see more of the loose diamond, because you can control how and what you see within it. You can magnify every loose diamond  in 10x bigger and see each and every facet of the loose diamond. This is the most valuable part of the ring shopping experience. In Dallas TX, our customers find it simple to control their own budget by looking through a large selection of loose diamonds and finding one that will fit the shape and style of the ring and their budget. Buying loose diamonds is a personal way for you so show  your significant other your love and devotion.

Loose Diamonds: What You Need To Know

Every diamond has its own story, and every woman deserves a unique one. Loose diamonds have been popular over the past years, especially among jewelry lovers and diamond enthusiasts. The shiny and glittery diamonds have enthralled people down the ages, and until now, these have been a favorite of many women from all walks of life. Diamonds are the most versatile of all gemstones used in jewelry, as they go along well with all kinds of clothes, looks, and occasions. The advent of loose diamonds in the market has influenced the industry in various ways. It has developed an incredible amount of power into the hands of its consumers. So, what are loose diamonds, anyway?

What Is A Loose Diamond?

Generally speaking, when someone says “loose diamond,” it means the diamond has been cut and polished. It’s ready for sale or application on rings, earrings and other custom jewelry.

Top Types Of Loose Diamonds

For those who do not know, there are many types of diamond cuts. Their shape, cut, size, custom design, and clarity determine their price in the market. In fact, about 75 percent of all diamonds sold are round.

Round Diamonds

The round diamond is the most popular of all types. In fact, about 75 percent of all diamonds sold are round. Due to its shape and the work needed to create this loose diamond, it is superior and more expensive that other diamond shapes. These are also more expensive because the demand for round diamonds is extremely high and the yield is relatively small.