Engagement Rings Dallas

In addition to popular ring types, we have a collection of vintage inspired engagement rings perfect for those in Dallas, Texas with unique personality. Visit our engagement ring buying guide. If the antique ring doesn’t fit, you can always for the modern and contemporary designed rings. These items have an experimental, non-traditional forms in its design. You can choose a ring with a bezel setting, a thin metal band that embraces the centerpiece down to its girdle. There are also options that forgo the centerpiece diamond and instead focuses on an intricately and beautifully designed band. We also offer engagement rings with gemstone accents. You may feel overwhelmed with so many options to choose from. That is why we recommend that you talk to our jewelers and experts in choosing the perfect ring to surprise her with. Or consider taking your girlfriend with you when choosing the ring. It’s not uncommon to have your girlfriend choose. It is actually the case 60% of the time engagement rings are purchased. No set rules. The choice is up to you. Gocha diamonds – The best engagement rings Dallas has to offer!

Round Cut

The go-to for engagement rings, the Round cut center stone shape. This timeless shape features a round diamond or a beautiful gemstone. The round cut center stone can be paired with any side stones to make a stunning custom designed ring.

Gocha Diamonds – The best engagement rings Dallas has to offer!


A fashionable and glamorous option, the halo ring sets the diamond higher. It can also be accompanied by a set of smaller diamonds encircling the centerpiece. This setting will sparkle extra and is sure to make the centerpiece look larger as well.

Gocha Diamonds – The best engagement rings Dallas has to offer!

Three Stone

The three stone engagement ring is an alternative to the traditional solitaire setting. The smaller stones surrounding the middle one stone represent the past and future. Alternatively, the three stones also symbolize friendship, love, and fidelity.

Gocha Diamonds – The best engagement rings Dallas has to offer!