Ring Size Without Her Knowing


How to Find Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing

You’re ready to pop the question that will change both of your lives forever, but before you can shop for the ring you want her to say yes to you need to know her ring size. If you want to surprise her and don’t already know her rings size finding it out can be tricky!

To help you in your romantic endeavors we put together a list of tips to help you find out her rings size without spoiling the surprise of your special question.

Someone she’s close to knows her ring size. This may be her mom, aunt, sister, or one of her friends. Most women are delighted to help out on their friend/loved one’s special day and will ensure you know her ring size.

Ring Size Without Her Knowing


Check A Ring She Wears A Lot:

It may be tricky finding a ring she wears a lot when it’s not on her finger, but if you can swing it you can find out her ring size.

There are two methods to do this. With the first, grab a tapered candle and slide the ring onto it. Mark where the top and bottom of the ring sets. Just be sure to clean the wax off the ring before she puts it on again.

The other way is simply to slide it onto your finger and mark where the top and bottom of the ring sets. Just be sure she doesn’t see the marks, or she might catch on to your plans.

Either of these methods will help your jeweler size her perfect engagement ring.

Have You Ever Taken Her Jewelry Shopping?

If you have, you may be in luck. Did your lucky lady try on a ring during your visit to the jewelry store? Did it fit? Most stores stock rings in size 6 or 7, because they are the most common sizes.

If the ring at the store fit perfectly, you can leave the stock band as is and adjust the size after you pop the question. It’s okay for an engagement ring to be a little on the large size. Just do your best to ensure it’s not too small for her finger. You can also find out more in Gocha Diamonds.