Engagement Rings Dallas uses CAD computer images to help our customers create and view their custom designed jewelry before its made.

Custom designs are always a great idea for those who have a specific vision for their jewelry with unusual shapes or sizes of stones. There are a few different ways to go about creating a custom piece, but they all start with a basic design and a few drawings. Once the general idea is established a hand carved wax design can be created. The wax is a great way to see the progress of the jewelry and to also have a tangible example of what the final product will be.

Waxes are very time consuming and delicate so there is always a fee for a wax carving, but many customers agree that the wax is an excellent idea.Wax carvings are a wonderful way to hold an example of the piece before casting, but computers are now able to create CAD drawings and translate those into gorgeous pieces of jewelry as well.

CAD drawings allow us to see exactly how the finished piece will look. Unlike a wax design, computer images can be altered until the final design is perfect. Using computer images allows the jewelry making process to be limited only to the imagination.

Remember, some pieces of jewelry must be created with a wax carving and others with a computer. No matter how the custom piece is created, the end result is always one-of-a-kind.