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FAQs part 1

How do I order a ring in a US finger size?

You will see two ring size related boxes under the ‘available options’ heading on ring pages. One box reads ‘please select a ring size’ . The box located next to it will show the ring size scale selected. If you are from the US, that finger size scale should automatically appear as the US ring size scale.

A Brief History of the Engagement Ring

Why the Engagement Ring is Important

The concept that a band would tie a woman to her mate, stretches back throughout history. It is thought that during the time of pre-historic man, it was traditional for the man to tie the hands and feet of his mate with probably either rushes or leather so she could not run away. Once he felt fairly certain she would stay with him, the rushes or leather were removed from her feet, then from her arms, and eventually just a small cord was tied around her finger to remind her not to leave.

Diamond Jewelry FAQs

Most people, not being jewelry experts, have questions about gems and jewelry. Your local professional jeweler is the best authority on everything from romantic lore to modern technical information and what to look for when purchasing fine jewelry. Many jewelers are most frequently asked these questions by the public. 

Custom Jewelry Dallas TX

When it comes to pendants or engagement rings, customers should feel satisfied and comfortable with the professional custom jewelry dallas they deal with. At Gocha Diamonds Jewelry, we understand that the relationship we have with our customers and we must be backed by careful customer service and sales approaches.