Engraving on gold engagement rings

The wedding ring symbolizes love and happiness in the family. This accessory is not for one day or evening, so many prefer to buy universal engagement rings made of gold.

Such rings fit well into any image. They look elegant and do not “get bored”. A ring without intricate patterns and large colored inserts can be combined without any problems with other favorite ornaments.

If the text of the inscriptions on the wedding rings is for the couple something intimate, it’s best to engrave them inside the ornaments. These can be phrases intended solely for lovers.

It will be appropriate and engraving outside the jewelry. Date of the wedding or the first date, and, perhaps, the initials of the second half – any such engraving will make the ring individual and special.

Features of choosing an engagement ring

Color of gold.White, yellow or red gold – the choice of shade should be carefully considered. Ideally, if it will be in harmony with the bulk of the jewelry that is already in stock. After all, the wedding ring, as a rule, is worn without taking off. So it should make friends with other rings, bracelets and chains in your collection.

Width of the decoration.Design by design, but the width of the ring is a separate parameter, which should be paid special attention. And here you need to take into account not only personal preferences, but also physical data – the type of hand.Thin and long fingers and fingers look elegant rings with a width of 2 to 4 mm. The ring width of 4-6 mm is ideal for large female hands.

Selecting a size.Since wedding rings are worn constantly, they should be as comfortable as possible. Too small a ring will cause discomfort, especially in the summer, and too loose can slip off your hands. When fitting the wedding ring, please consider that in the late afternoon the fingers may be slightly exudate and your normal size will seem small. To pick up the ring of the optimal size, it is also worth considering the time of the year when you measure the rings – from the summer heat your fingers swell and become thicker, and in the winter cold, on the contrary, they become a little thinner from the cold.